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The Whangarei Waterfront and Reyburn House - 1880s Whangarei FallsMair Park WhangareiBoat Harbour, WhangareiEntrance Central Park, WhangareiBank Street, WhangareiCameron Street, WhangareiWhangarei Town Basin and Cafler House - About 1909Whau Valley Coal MinesWhangarei Town Basin 1978 Ready for Noumea Yacht RaceThe Whangarei Waterfront about 1900A Favourite Camping Spot at Waipu CoveThe Whangarei Waterfront 1880sThe Whangarei Bridge Replaced by Victoria Bridge in 1936Looking across Lang's Beach, Northland Steamship at WhangareiEx Northen Advocate Building, Water Street, Whangarei1880's Showing Train in Walton Street, WhangareiMair Park WhangareiBarbecue Area at Heritage ParkWhangarei Town Basin 1980s?The S. S. Apanui, Northern Steam Ship Co. on the Awanui River



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CN02 Page 57Kaitaia MemorialWhangarei : N.Z. cadastral mapIndex : Charts compiled by A.H. Pickmere Dam Opening053.jpgMaungaturotoArchaeological report for G and N Rigden, Ranui Rd, WaikareFlorence Keene Scrapbook Volume 6DSport Northland 1971 Part 3Preliminary archaeological site survey of land on North side of road to Whangaroa, being portion of O.L.C 181CN04 Page 52The Northern Advocate – Whangarei city status (various articles)PN01.07 Building of the Victoria BridgeDeed of Grant to Robert & William CarruthKiwifruit – A New Trade for Northland is BornFlat Island (Motuekanui). Further archaeological assessmentCN03 Page 91Whangarei County Claphams Clocks, Whangarei - Postcard061.jpgBallet dancer 1960sWhangaroa archaeological survey. An archaeological survey of Matangirau Land BlockNew Zealand Land Inventory : Hukerenui-Whangarei : Agriculture and horticulture suitability overlaySport Northland 1954 Part 3Whangarei Homemakers' Choir celebrating winning Competitions Shield 1966-67Te Roa (Te Toroa Bay)MangawhaiCN04 Page 51Whangarei D.C.scan263Wedding (bride is Rosalie Vuletich) 1960sKauri-Gum ReservesSurvey of archaeological sites in Lot 7, Taiwawe BayCN04 Page 5122.jpgUnidentified - portraitPN01.42 Sheep coming down Bank Street - then known as Harrison's Hill, December 1898Northland Photo News(copy 2) Archaeological Site Survey Karikari Peninsula. Whakapouaka-Karikari & Merita-Taumatawiwi BlocksWhangaruru excavation feasibility studySport Northland 1957 Part 1Waewaetorea IslandCN04 Page 50Wedding portrait 1960sNew Zealand Land Inventory : Whangaroa-Kaikohe : Existing land usePN01.33 Cameron Street fire 1900CN05 Page 3Whangarei Photo NewsCN04 Page 69