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Appendix 1. The Islands in Whangarei Harbour

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Appendix 1. The Islands in Whangarei Harbour
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[...]the highest areas:

N24/5* * Matakohe (Limestone Island}
N24/336 Motuotawa (Rabbit Island)
N24/4 Motukiore Island

N24/19 High (McGregors} Island

N24/553 Motukaroro (Battery or Passage) Island

The other islands are:

Te Koare (island crossed by State Highway One at Oakleigh)
Ngawi (island on mudflat at Mangapai River)

Rat Island {east of Limestone Island}

3 unnamed islands (between Hewletts Point and K[...]amd islands (north of Mangawhati Point)

Calliope Island (in Urquharts Bay)

Frenchman Island (at Busby Head)

Of the fifteen islands within th[...]wa.
In the same year Iaurau also claimed Te Koare Island for the

The following extract i[...]
N24/4 Motukiore Island

This island just inside the entrance of Parua Bay, is accessi[...]onstructed on the highest southern
portion of the island, has modified almost half of the entire
island. The conspicuous terracing especially on the stee[...]s that in 1839
Gilbert Mair landed two men on the island to pitsaw timber.
The island was settled by a European settler and later became
known as Ross Island.

Present Status

Administered by the Bauraki Gul[...]or public recreation.

N24/5 Matakohe (Limestone) Island

This island is just across the deep channel from Onerahi Peni[...]es cover almost 14 hectares of the NW face of the
island, which is approximately three—eighths of the to[...]hiwai
chief, had some huts and plantations on the island in 1843.

' giggle’ ' ‘ N21»/336 Mofuofawa [Rabbfi] Island
key I? sca1e ‘V .' 590"]
_ Midden :
0 Terrac[...]flrfl} U11

N24/5,401-412 Mafakphe [Limesfonél Island
[...]gion of the old
cultivation while the rest of the island is bush covered.

=N24/405 terraces and midden, a[...], son of Kukupu was living at Matakohe,
Limestone Island, when the Ngati—Paoa attacked and defeated
Knku[...]lt a 30 foot trading boat named “Oranoa"
at the Island. In 1848 Matthew Whytelaw and Robert Carruth tried
to buy Limestone Island from Te Tirarau, the Paramount chief of
the Parawhau. Not willing to sell, be leased the island for a
five year term and A line burning plant was[...]crushing plant. In 1865 Te Tirarau sold Limestone Island to
Henry Walton for £770. After this he further developed the lime
works and ran sheep on the island. In 1875 Walton sold the island
to-J.A. Edwards of Waikaraka for.£ 300. In lB82[...]ran it until 1896. In 1906
Edwards sold Limestone Island to the N-Z. Portland Cement Company.
They ran the[...]) Fortland Cement Ltd and the heyday of Limestone Island

was over.
Present Status

Owned by Northland[...]it remain in its present condition.

N24/19 High island

Opposite McGregors Beach at Taurikura, has a pa[...]ed across the top at 75 ft a.s.1. Surrounding the
island are several middens containing a great var[...]
N21»/SS3 Mofukaroro Island

.. .:.._._rn]_[-jdgn

‘°.. .

[...]esent state continue.

N24/335 Motuotawa (Rabbit) Island

This small island lies between Limestone Island and Onemama Point.
The entire island has been modified to form a defensive pa. Many
sh[...]t its present state continue.

N24/553 Motukaroro Island

This long narrow rocky and bush clad island off Reotahi Contains
several living terrac[...]
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